TinBot is a memory collectibles and is not a TOY. It contains functional small magnets and NOT for children under 14 years old. 14+
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TinBot X Yan Yan Mover X Hong Kong Machine 香港重機

This is absolutely an exciting project and all about the sudden happenings in parallel timeline between Lock Lai and Felix Ip.

Felix Ip is a very famous Hong Kong illustrator especially about Robot and Machine type illustrations. In parallel timeline, Lock Lai was developing his TinBot Collection in Hong Kong Style with old memory. One day, in march of 2018, Lock Lai surfed the facebook and discovered a very hot sharing image which is a yan yan mover transformer type robot concept. That one was just amazed and fully inspire Lock to think about what if he makes the same topic for TinBot. Lock did not know Felix in person, however, he tried to inbox Felix for a crossover project in rough idea. That was very lucky Felix were very happy to work together for the project. And even more lucky that end up we also have yan yan mover officially licensed for our project. Finally, we released Yan Yan TinBot in 2018 Book Fair at the same time Felix’s new illustration book: Hong Kong Machine.