TinBot is a set of memory collectible figures and is not a TOY. NOT for children under 14 years old
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Ultraman | Alien Baltan

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//Combo Set: including 1 Ultraman and 1 Alien Baltan//

Ultraman x Alien Baltan x TinBot are licensed via Brands United – BU by Tsuburaya productions.
They are extremely classic manga in Japanese film genre “tokusatsu” and created by Eiji Tsuburaya.
Ultraman is the combined being of a human and an Ultra who are aliens composed of light who require physical hosts to combat giant monsters.
Alien Baltan (バルタン星人 Barutan Seijin) are arthropod-like aliens from the Planet Baltan. They are one of the Ultra Series’ most popular antagonists and are noted to have tried to attack Planet Earth and the Ultras themselves several times.

TinBot’s Unique Formula:
– All parts were embedded with magnet
– All parts can be perfectly collected in the tin box
– Hands can be spinned and detachable

– Robot height: 130mm
– Tin box height: 70mm
– Match box packaging size: W50mm X H78mm X D56mm

//Warning: TinBot is a collectible figure and is not a TOY. NOT for children under 14 years old//

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Weight 200 g