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Tin-Blog is a new page of this website

Welcome to this new blog area.

My name is Lock Lai. You may call me the father of TinBot as well as the manager of all those TinBot creations. I designed the very first TinBot since 2013. During that time, TinBot was just a very little desktop toy only as a gift-toy purpose. In 2016, I have founded B1GB1OCK creation as a new journey for my own in order to do more design works on my own as well as the managment of the brand “TinBot the Collectibles”.

TinBot is just as special as it was. That special formula is all time unchanged. However, I would love to do more from IP point-of-view. In that case, TinBot is whatever it could be in any form any meanings. In a nutshell, I wish I can make TinBot until forever in a manner that I put them like a storage, a database, a history that records history in my life.

Hope you all enjoy my journey! 🙂