TinBot is a set of memory collectible figures and is not a TOY. NOT for children under 14 years old
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About TinBot™

Past : Present : Future – A memory of all-time collectibles

A multi-functional desktop stationery and collectible TinBot figures.

Tin box is an object with a long lasting memory. Our TinBot is a set of collective memory from old days and daily life. By transforming the parts from freedom, TinBot could be in any creative form. Each TinBot represents different characters and gives a higher collectible value.

– Original Design from Hong Kong –

TinBot 鐵寶奇盒是一個記錄過去現在未來的載體

一個同時兼容多功能桌上文具及收藏式創意有趣的TinBot Figures

鐵盒本身是一件能經起時間考驗和人情味的物件, 而我們鐵盒設計記錄了昔日被遺忘的人和物, 以及現今日常生活的點滴, 透過無限流動性組件更可激發出個人創意拼砌成意想不到的形態, 令每一件鐵寶奇盒帶有不同個性, 並富予更高收藏價值.