TinBot is a set of memory collectible figures and is not a TOY. NOT for children under 14 years old
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An Infinite game

In 2015-2016, I established TinBot as an individual brand “TinBot the Collectibles”. I still remember why I decided to do that. Recently, I learn a new term “Infinite Game” which is raised by a very famous motivation speaker Simon Sinek. And, in fact, this term was introduced since very long time ago by James P. Carse’s book “Finite and Infinite Games”. Now, I think that term is really matching the “WHY” I founded the brand and plan to have a long journey that I would truly love to continue in my lifetime.

I try to find my own experience as an example to explain a little bit more for this kind of game. First, you do not have a solid winning status. We do not need to be pursuing Number One in the competition. Secondly, we accept the failures and that as the learning cost for next move. Third, we do not set a finite destiny for ourselves. You might ask is it a profitable business? Does it make any sense? I would say it seems like a very stupid idea but this is a very bonded relationship just like mother and son. You will realize that how much passion your mum giving to raise us up. That power is unlimited. If we shift our mindset to be like that to run a business, the result might be all beyond our imagination. Hope this little sharing can give us some insights no matter what we are planning to do or doing. 🙂